Dimitri Hassan

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About Me

My name is Dimitri Hassan.

I am a Software Developer. What this really means, to me, is that I identify problems and present solutions. We use computers to simplify our lives and I'm just proud to be a part of that. I am a graduate of Awesome Inc's Web Development Bootcamp in Lexington, KY. Their course teaches students how to develop real world applications and takes students through every step of development from planning and creating to deployment. As a problem solver, I realized what it was that I enjoyed and wanted to do, and they proved to be the best fit.

My hobbies and interests would take more than a single page to list would take more than a single page, but to list a few:

But, that's enough about myself. The rest of this page is dedicated to showcasing my technical skills and projects I have worked on in the past or am currently working on. I hope you stick around to check them out. If you would like to reach out, I have a contact link at the top.

Technical Skills

Front End

I am proficient with web development front end languages such as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, as well as many libraries and frameworks for each like Vue.js, React, AngularJS and Bootstrap. I also strive for all my applications to be adaptive and responsive regardless of device.

Back End

The Back End is the portion of applications I generally enjoy working with. I like working with complex data and logic. Most of my experience is through PHP and Laravel, however, I do have some experience with other setups and I can write SQL queries all day long.

Work Flow

I have plenty of experience with technologies such as task-runners, version control systems, and package managers to improve efficiency. A project doesn't need a lot of depth before automation and management tools start to show large improvements to workflow.


This portfolio section touches on just a few of the dozens of projects I have worked on already, feel free to ask about any other projects or concepts I have experience with.

Fleet Fleet

Fleet was my capstone project during my time at Awesome Inc. It is a fullstack application made using Laravel and PHP server side. It is intended to be a B2B Application for business in the shipping industry to automate repetitive tasks and track analytics. At Demo-Day I showcased the ability to automate invoice generation. I generally like to work on this as a long-term personal project and it is constantly being improved upon.

Pacman Pacman

Pacman was a group project I worked on with a fellow classmate early on in my programming experience. It uses HTML5's canvas and vanilla Javascript to render the game and features object collision, and draws maps based on an array to name a few highlights.

GnomeBook Pacman

GnomeBook was another project we worked on during class in a group setting. It uses Laravel and Pgsql as well as a few other libraries to store personal contact info. It allows the user to view edit and delete contacts from their address book as well as import and export from vCard format, in other words, the same file type your phone uses.

Simon Says Pacman

Simon Says is in application I made to delve deeper into Javascript early on, and then later came back and restructured with Vue.js. It creates dynamic arrays, uses timeouts, takes user input and keeps score, to list a few things.

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